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Where can accurate information about startup finance, accounting, and VC be found?

Paul Kovo asks

I’ve read books such as “Mastering the VC Game” and “Venture Deals” and they are an excellent introduction to the VC world.

I would like to know if there are other books or articles I can read which contain more facts, less opinion and are overall accurate resources for the title topics.

Marten Mickos

That's a great question, and I must admit I don't feel I know the full answer.

I would separate finance and accounting into its own topic. There are scores on books on that topic. Finance and accounting in a startup does not differ significantly from that of any other company. Something pay special attention is "revenue recognition" which has become a complex topic as companies have created innovative new business models.

As for the world of venture capitalists (VCs), I would recommend blogs and articles over books. Mark Suster writes brilliantly on this topic at bothsidesofthetable.com. There are other useful blogs as well.

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