Links: Leadership in a Distributed Collaborative World

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Marten Mickos

Mårten on Twitter – LinkedIn – Wikipedia

Photographs of Marten

Mårten Mickos online

Quora questions and answers on open source, entrepreneurialism and cloud computing Guest blog postings

Eucalyptus: Cloud computing and leadership blog

Stanford University: Believe in something bigger than yourself. Video and podcast

Infoworld: Recipe for effective leadership teams How to get the most out of employees who work from home

Books: Books about life and business


CNN Money: How to manage employees who work from home

Productive Magazine: Entrepreneurship and managing distributed teams


Aaltoes entrepreneur society: Advice to future entrepreneurs

University of California TV: Open Source and Cloud Computing also on Youtube

Heavybit Industries: MySQL CEO on 2 Open Source Business Models Success stories: Mårten Mickos – Previous CEO of MySQL

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