Nine exceptional CEOs talk leadership

“Be picky when choosing your Board of Directors – and make them work for you. Tell them your biggest concerns, what you need from them, what concrete actions they can take to help you. Expect them to contribute.” Jussi Räisänen, HeiaHeia.

From Working with your Board of Directors, Building and managing the leadership team and Managing yourself to diabetes care to dog training and waste management. The School of Herring invited nine exceptional Finnish growth CEOs to a three day wilderness bootcamp. Read here to see who they are and what they learned.


Key learnings and participants

“The way the leader manages oneself indicates how well they are able to lead others.”
Kristian Ranta, Mendor, Individualizing diabetes care

“Focus is crucial. As a CEO you are responsible for keeping the focus throughout the organization.”
Noora Keskievari, OneMind Dogs, We get you mentally connected with your dog

“When building a team, identify your weaknesses and hire the talent and strength to complement your own knowledge and skills.”
Kaisa Helminen, Fimmic, Transforming microscopy-based diagnostics

“As a CEO you need to work for your team so that they can succeed. Maintain focus, remove obstacles and foster culture.”
Anssi Uitto, Jakamo, Supply chain collaboration for manufacturing companies

“You must do everything you can to become the world’s best at the specific thing you do. Have a clear mission statement. When customers ask you to do other things, look at your mission statement to determine whether or not you should do them.”
Jenny Wolfram, FaceForce, Protecting brand reputation on social media 24/7

“Build your leadership team skills according to the phase of your company and be willing and able to let go and delegate efficiently.”
Fredrik Kekäläinen, Enevo, Waste Management for Smart Cities.

“Leadership is about empowering others to take responsibility so they can reach their true potential.”
Juho Makkonen, Sharetribe, creating marketplaces to sell or rent goods

“Hiring and saying no are the two most important skills of a CEO.”
Kristo Ovaska,, Facebook marketing automation tool

“Be picky when choosing your Board of Directors – and make them work for you. Tell them your biggest concerns, what you need from them, what concrete actions they can take to help you. Expect them to contribute.”
Jussi Räisänen, HeiaHeia, An all-in-one wellness platform for the modern employer

Nine exceptional CEOs


We’ve had the first ever boot camp of the School of Herring in a remote location in Finland. I’m sitting here with nine of the most amazing startup CEOs in Finland. I would love to introduce them to you.

First up is Anssi of Jakamo. Jakamo is a collaboration platform for suppliers and vendors in the manufacturing industry.

Fredrik is the CEO and founder of Enevo. They’ve developed an amazing intelligent platform for waste management worldwide.

Jenny, founder and CEO of FaceForce. If you’re a company with a social media presence, her company will clean up bad comments that may appear on that social media platform.

Juho is founder and CEO of Sharetribe. With their platform, people can deploy marketplace applications on the web without having any technical skill of their own.

Jussi is CEO of HeiaHeia, a wellness service for corporations and large organizations.

Kaisa is the CEO of Fimmic. They’ve developed a unique way for doctors to analyze microscope samples on a cellphone or a computer or on a large screen.

Kristian is CEO of Mendor. They individualize diabetes treatment to make it much more effective and much more individualized and customized.

Kristo is the founder and CEO of I must mention, he is also the founder of the Aalto Entrepreneurship Society (Aaltoes), which was the starting point for huge entrepreneurial activity in Finland over the recent years. With the service of Smartly, you can optimize your advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Noora is the founder and CEO of OneMind Dogs. They developed an absolutely unique way for people to train their dogs and get closer to their dogs.

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