What mothers know about leadership

Leadership starts from motherhood.

A mother leads with her heart, the best of the offspring always in mind.

Mothers provide our first home – a safe place where we don’t have to worry about what others think; a place where we can make mistakes, learn and grow.

Mothers teach us to be humble, polite and generous. We learn our most fundamental leadership principles from our mothers.

Moms show compassion and lead everyone uniquely and differently. They empathize with kids without themselves becoming childish.

Mothers know the importance of menial tasks. They hold you accountable for everyday results. Finish your homework before you play.

Mothers learn to coordinate troops in chaotic environments, getting impossible things done no matter what. They collaborate with their peers. They are masters of conflict resolution. They care little about who gets the credit as long as the results are achieved.

Moms know to celebrate the small everyday victories. In times of trouble and in times of success, they radiate unlimited confidence in those they lead.

Mothers are uncompromising in showing devotion and in expecting good results. Mothers are leaders who create more leaders.

Marten Mickos
Whale mum and baby

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