What is the School of Herring?

Bad leadership destroys even the best business and it makes people feel miserable. Which is why modern leadership is like a school of fish. AboutCredits


There are so many great businesses to build in this world, and the main problem is not money or technology or markets. The main challenge is leadership. And let’s face it, bad leadership can destroy a business, can destroy an organization and make everybody feel miserable.

But when we have good leadership, we can achieve all our goals together.

Welcome to the School of Herring. It’s a school in that I will share my own concrete, professional, career experiences about leadership and building business. And it’s a School of Herring because I see an organization a little bit like a school of fish, we are all small fish and we look more or less the same. But some are swimming in the front and some in the rear, and some are quicker and some are slower, but it is together, moving together that the school of fish becomes powerful and effective and also can protect every single little fish.

My name is Marten Mickos, I am an entrepreneur and business leader in Silicon Valley. I’m here to share my leadership learnings over many many years with you, so that we get many more successful startups, startup CEOs, business leaders and so that we together make the world a better place.

And by the way, if you ask, I love herring, especially Baltic Herring. Raw, grilled, smoked, fried, pickled. You name it. It’s a wonderfully delicious fish.

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